We lovingly started calling ourselves “Bodyguards of Joy.”

Here we were, in the middle of a global pandemic, believing that life still needed to be celebrated, needed to be remembered, needed to be documented. We believed that a virus could take a lot of things from us, but joy didn’t have to be one of them.

And during this time, that joy would be different for everyone.

For Anastasia and Nic, it was the new life they were bringing into their family. A ray of light among all the darkness. Hope among all the despair. Love among all the fear. And we weren’t willing to let this part of their story go by untold. Because it’s just too easy these days. It’s too easy to let it all slip beneath the radar and go less noticed.

But these lives were living…they were never meant to be buried under a pile of distress. We survive and we thrive because we see beyond the fog that is obstructing our view. We recognize the beauty and we mark the occasion and we raise a glass to the moment.

We are Bodyguards of Joy.

And I couldn’t be more excited for this new tiny little member to soon join the ranks…

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