It’s not about what you do or what you have or what you know.

It’s about who you are.

Love…is about who you are.

It’s about the lessons you’ve learned and the struggles you’ve overcome and the stories you’ve lived. It’s about letting someone else’s heart see all of your heart and then holding that collective miracle in the palm of your hand. It’s about surrendering the tears and leaning into the joy and reaching for the stars.

Love…is about who you are. Right now.

Dana and Dave have climbed mountains and roamed valleys and lived so many stories. They have walked their own paths in order to meet in the middle…to find each other amidst their own beautiful story.

And they hold that miracle in the palm of their hands.

Because it’s about combining history in the name of witnessing a future. It’s about letting go, it’s about holding on, it’s about starting anew.

Love…is about who you are. Together.

And together, Dana and Dave are what love was always meant to be; complete perfection.

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