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“We were all heading for each other on a collision course, no matter what. Maybe some people are just meant to be in the same story.”
~ Jandy Nelson // I’ll Give You The Sun

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We lovingly started calling ourselves “Bodyguards of Joy.” Here we were, in the middle of a global pandemic, believing that life still needed to be celebrated, needed to be remembered, needed to be documented. We believed that a virus could take a lot of things from us, but joy didn’t have to be one of […]


August 30, 2020

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Photographing someone’s wedding day is an oddly intimate relationship to share. You come into the quiet, the stillness, the lingering moments, and you hope to capture the space in between so that they can never be lost. You stand present for the tears, the anticipation, the immense joy, and you try to document the emotion […]


September 14, 2019

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I can remember being on a ferry in Australia, crossing the harbor. The sun was setting before our eyes and the warm air was blowing through my hair. The ocean rushed beneath us and Sydney faded off in the distance. I remember looking around at other people on the ferry. People who were just making […]


June 24, 2018

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I feel like the most memorable people in our lives go back to the very beginning.  Or, at least our memories of them do.  I believe that we remember the very first moments in which they became a part of our lives and even the subtlest of details get stored in that place where everything […]


December 13, 2016

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Every now and then, I’ll be walking through downtown and I’ll suddenly catch something out of the corner of my eye.  Sometimes it will be the way the sun is pouring across the buildings or the way wind blows across the river.  Sometimes it will be a new restaurant that has opened or a store […]


August 25, 2016

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I think I must have read in twenty different articles already: be sure to have engagement photos done with your photographer so that you can “test them out” ahead of time.  And honestly, it’s a very valid argument.  The problem is, there are a hundred other reasons that I would argue before that one! Maybe […]


July 4, 2016