That’s what this past year’s wedding season turned into.


One wedding.

And honestly, there’s something about it that is more poetic and more beautifully than I ever thought imaginable. Because I am reminded that when we are given the gift of documenting someone’s wedding, it is always just one.

Even when our season’s are full and overflowing, for every couple, on any given day, for them…it is just one.

And this one wedding in particular could have been many things. As I drove the long haul towards south western Ontario during the early weeks of November, I knew that we could have been faced with bitter cold rain, dark sky, even snow. But instead, we found ourselves with one single weekend of the most amazing late summer weather.

Just one.

So, right there, tucked away in a cornfield, guests sat on bails of hay while the warm breeze passed them by. They had dinner among the vines of the family winery with the stars overhead. They watched two people lock arms in a year that brought us to our knees.

For one day, we gathered and we celebrated and we made the year stand still.

And it was the most perfect one day anyone could have asked for.

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