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“We were all heading for each other on a collision course, no matter what. Maybe some people are just meant to be in the same story.”
~ Jandy Nelson // I’ll Give You The Sun

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One. That’s what this past year’s wedding season turned into. One. One wedding. And honestly, there’s something about it that is more poetic and more beautifully than I ever thought imaginable. Because I am reminded that when we are given the gift of documenting someone’s wedding, it is always just one. Even when our season’s […]


December 19, 2020

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When I first became a photographer, I found a lot of inspiration in other photographers. I followed blogs and watched tutorials and tried really hard to become the same type of artist that I admired. It was a lot of fun at first because discovering who you are is really fun. But eventually, I found […]


October 6, 2019

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You know what’s funny about spending the majority of your time with couples?? You sometimes forget that they weren’t always a couple. You forget that they each have individual histories. You forget that they didn’t always know each other. You forget that their stories weren’t always one. Or were they? I often catch myself wondering […]


July 13, 2019

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I’ve been told that I have am reckless with my heart…that I don’t protect my greatest gift with enough armour. And this may be true. My heart has certainly endured some deep wounds over the years. From friends, from family, from the greatest of loves. But the reality of who I am is this — […]


April 8, 2018

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I am a person who feels life. Though I also see it and hear it and think it and touch it…my dominant sense in life is to feel it. Truly. Madly. Deeply. This is both my greatest strength and my greatest weakness. Because your tears becomes my tears. Your pain becomes my pain. Your loss […]


January 4, 2016

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To my husband, A girl asked me about our wedding the other day. She was young and excited and wanted to hear about all the pretty details. “Wow”, she said…”that must have been the best day of your life”. I smiled at her, in all of her exuberance…and I agreed “it really was a great […]


October 29, 2015