When I first became a photographer, I found a lot of inspiration in other photographers. I followed blogs and watched tutorials and tried really hard to become the same type of artist that I admired. It was a lot of fun at first because discovering who you are is really fun. But eventually, I found myself really frustrated as well. Because I didn’t live in California with 360 days of the exact same sunlight and I didn’t live in Alberta with the beautiful Rockies rising off in the distance. I found myself in a place of discontent because I felt at a disadvantage from an artistic perspective.

It wasn’t until one afternoon when I stumbled upon a post from one of my favourite photographers and I saw that they had created snow for a shoot. Snow! The very thing that we experience for nearly six months of the year, was the same thing they had spent a week trying to replicate for a one hour photo shoot.

This was the game changer for me. The moment in which I realized that we’ve all got to bloom where we are planted and appreciate where we are.

Because most often, it’s exactly where we need to be.

In art and in life.

I thought about this moment a lot as Jessica and Philip’s day unfolded. As the seasons basically changed before our eyes and light went from a radiant white to a golden fire. It was a perfection that I wouldn’t have noticed in my earlier years.

We didn’t need to create a stunning background. Because nature gave us exactly what we needed.

We didn’t need to create the moment for it to happen. Because life had taken care of that for us.

And we didn’t need to create the perfect love to document. Because Jessica and Philip had been carrying that with them all along.

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