Photographing someone’s wedding day is an oddly intimate relationship to share.

You come into the quiet, the stillness, the lingering moments, and you hope to capture the space in between so that they can never be lost. You stand present for the tears, the anticipation, the immense joy, and you try to document the emotion so that it can never be forgotten.

You try to hold on.

To whatever you can in whatever capacity the moment will allow.

The corner of a smile. The squeezing of a hand. The whisper of a goodbye.

And you lure those moments towards you, gently willing them to be cherished just a little while longer. And in doing so, those moments no longer become just moments.

They become memories.
They become stories.
They become archives.

They become the voice that reminds us something incredible happened here.

They become what we hold onto when the time has passed and the years go by and seasons fade.

They become the tiny treasured pieces of a much greater love.

Jamie and Ron, welcome to all of the moments that happened in-between…

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