I can remember being on a ferry in Australia, crossing the harbor. The sun was setting before our eyes and the warm air was blowing through my hair. The ocean rushed beneath us and Sydney faded off in the distance. I remember looking around at other people on the ferry. People who were just making their way home after work or crossing the harbor to meet family for dinner. They were reading books and chatting with friends and I just remember wondering if any of these people knew–truly knew–how lucky they were to live in this amazing place.

This happens to me a lot when I travel. I become spellbound by the scenery and then stand in disbelief when I realize that it’s also someone’s every day life. Their home.

It happened again to me very recently. Except this time, it was my home.

I was meeting Lisa and Francis for their engagement session and it was the most perfect summer evening. Because they were having a very urban wedding, we wanted to keep the photos downtown. I arrived a bit early and sat on a bench while waiting for them and the moment happened. I noticed the architecture, the details, the liveliness of our beautiful city. When we finally met up, everything just got better! We roamed the beautiful sites, we enjoyed the spectacular views and while we took some time to document their amazing love…in my own little way, I fell in love too. This time, it was with my home and it was like falling all over again.

Thank you, Lisa and Francis…for sharing the moment with me…

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