I never expected it to happen.

When I first picked up a camera, ten years ago, I never expected it to happen.

I never expected to fall in love.

With the way light would fall across a room or the way two people could smile at each other or the way my soul expanded while making art.

I fell in love with it all. And for ten years it has taken me to some of the most beautiful places. From the shores of Belize to the intimacy of hospital rooms. I have been present for new life, new memories, new families and I’ve been present for the loss as well; of pets, grandparents and the sense of self we never thoughts we’d shed.

Photography has been my gateway to storytelling and the unleashing of my true passion. Giving you photographs has given me life.

But more than any of all this…it’s been the people.

The people who invited me into their moments. The people who mentored me along the way. The people who became part of my heart and soul because this craft brought us together.

My very last session of the decade took place on the most perfect December day. After two postponed dates due to illness and bad weather, we finally found a tiny window of time before we all headed off for the holidays.

Amina & Deni are two of my favourite clients turned friends, and I could think of no better way to wrap up a decade behind the camera than to share it with them! They even brought Amina’s mom along for a little added beauty to our session!

We played in the snow, we laughed in the sun and when our time came to an end, I knew for certain what I loved most about being a photographer.

My favourite part of loving this art…is loving all of you.

Thank you for ten amazing years! xo

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