There’s something so unique about the last wedding of the year…kind of like the final page in a book.

Any time I walk out the venue doors for the last time during any given season, I can’t help but feel nostalgic about all that has happened.  I inevitably find myself looking at all that has changed…how I’ve changed; as a person, a photographer, a business owner.

And in its own way, it’s like a celebration.  A toast to all that was accomplished and all that was endured and all that had evolved.

Stephanie and Mike’s wedding was the perfect book end to an incredible year… a year that I never could have anticipated.  It was a wedding that turned into friendship and long chats over coffee and cute text messages.  It was a wedding that brought an absolutely perfect close to a tremendous year.

So, today…I raise a glass; to Stephanie and Mike…to a beautiful year filled with beautiful people…and all that happens in between…

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  1. Rhonda Meilleur says:

    Gorgeous pictures Stephanie Anne!

  2. Caroline Conley says:

    Absolutely stunning!

  3. Lorna Veal says:

    Great pictures!

  4. Donna Karlin says:

    Beautiful in so many ways!


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