This past May marked my tenth year of being a wedding photographer.

That’s ten years of watching families come together. Ten years of emotional vows being exchanged. Ten years of friends and family raising a glass to the new life ahead.

I’ve had the chance to learn a lot in my decade behind the camera. About the craft, about running a business, and about what it means to hold someone’s wedding day in the palm of your hands.

It’s a big job to tell someone’s story. To stand back and bear witness to a single string of moments that encompass a much longer road ahead. And to recognize that you can only tell that story through your own perspective; the lens through which you see the world.

If I had to look back and define the single biggest thing that I’ve learned from my time documenting other people’s stories, it would be this: we don’t hold on to photos so that we can remember the pretty dress and the big party and the amazing food. We hold on to them to remember people…and to share with people.

We take photos to remember the look on grandma’s face when she first sees her grandchild walking down the aisle. We take photos to capture the generations before us and the generations to come. We take photos to remember what it was like to stand still in this single moment.

But we also take photos for everything we didn’t see; for the minutes that passed us by and for the memory that it’s all about to become.

We don’t take photos so we can look at something. We take photos so we can feel something.

Stephanie and Cory’s wedding was the most beautiful reminder of why it all matters. Because, once the food is all gone and the flowers have all been dried and the dress has been hung up…you have each other.

You have the friends who made you laugh, the family that watched you grow and he pieces of your heart that were too many miles of away.

This one, is for you…

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