I’ll admit, meeting new people can feel hard for me sometimes.

For a girl who is happiest with a book in her hand, in the comfort of her home…”out there” can feel a bit intimidating and “people-y”!!

As a natural introvert, it became one of the biggest adjustments for me as a photographer and a business owner, because meeting new people came with the new territory. Sometimes, it was just meeting family members and friends for the day. Other times, it was meeting a couple for a first consult and hopefully, for an entire season. But either way, it’s a deep breath, a step outside your comfort zone, and a foot in the land of the unknown.


Unless it’s an email that starts with the words “I’m a friend of…” or “I’m the cousin of…”

That’s when this giant sigh of relief exits my body and the wonderful human on the other side of this computer already feels familiar. Because there are certain clients who are the very definition of comfort and the people they bring with them become instant favourites! Never fails!

Jamie and Ronnie are two such souls that make me beyond excited for the season to come. As I sat at my computer, reading the story that led them here, I thanked my lucky stars that I was going to get to be a part of their day, and the days of others that led to this one.

Because it’s one thing to photograph a wedding. But it’s another thing to photograph various members among them. To look out into the guests and see the familiar faces of the days you’ve documented before.

The stories. The vows. The intertwining of worlds.

Jamie and Ronnie are a link in one of the most beautiful family chains I know. And not too long from now, that chain is about to get even stronger.

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