If I’ve learned anything about life…it’s that it happens.  Life happens.  In all of the beauty…in all of the challenges…in all of the in-between; it happens.  Sometimes, unexpectedly…other times, with a bit of notice.  But more or less, we do our best to coast along from one day to the next…and hope that we won’t get derailed too often along the way.  And that can be hard for us humans because we like to plan…we like to have answers…we like to be the ones holding the reigns.

But sometimes it happens.

Sometimes cars crash.

Sometimes bones break.

Sometimes rain falls.

And so we adjust.  We take the reigns and we point them in a new direction.  We make new plans.  We ask new questions and patiently wait for new answers.

Ashley and Steve’s wedding taught me something else about life; it taught me that while things may not always go as planned…life does, indeed, still happen.  We carry on…the clouds part…and the sun will eventually shine again.

And it did.

Accidents happened.  Rain happened.  Life happened.

But the sun poured out in the midst of it all.

Just like it always does…

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  1. Bernie Nickerson says:

    Congratulations to the happy couple . What beautiful memories and photos .

  2. Linda says:

    Beautiful work, as always Gen. 🙂


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