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“We were all heading for each other on a collision course, no matter what. Maybe some people are just meant to be in the same story.”
~ Jandy Nelson // I’ll Give You The Sun

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It’s been ten years of meeting couples now. It’s been ten years of hearing about details and colours and flowers and guest lists. It’s been ten years of sitting down with them over coffee and talking out the excitement and the anxiety of planning a wedding. It’s been ten years of witnessing those weddings finally […]


December 2, 2018

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If I’ve learned anything about life…it’s that it happens.  Life happens.  In all of the beauty…in all of the challenges…in all of the in-between; it happens.  Sometimes, unexpectedly…other times, with a bit of notice.  But more or less, we do our best to coast along from one day to the next…and hope that we won’t […]


June 2, 2016

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Every time people find out that I’m a wedding photographer, one of the first things they ask is if my life is a giant line of crazy bridezillas!  They want to know absurd stories of brides gone crazy and unreasonable demands.  And the truth is, I just don’t have them!  One of the perks of […]


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July 28, 2015