Confession: I absolutely love a good story.

Call me traditional. Call me old fashioned. Call me slightly hopeless.

But honestly, nothing brings me more joy than a love that surpasses all odds…all challenges…all distances.

With all of this being said, Katie and Simon’s story gives me all the happy feelings! And it goes a little something like this…

Simon is the handsome boy from Australia.

Katie is the gorgeous girl from Canada.

Simon decides to travel East.

Katie decided to travel West.

And in true Canadian style, they meet while working at a pub in Whistler, British Columbia.

So, boy meets girl. Boy totally digs girl. Girl thinks boy is pretty cute too. Boy and girl start hanging out. Boy and girl fall in love. But boy and girl also live entire oceans apart…

Decisions need to be made.

But that’s the thing about love…

When distance seems far…love brings us closer. When choices seem hard…love makes them easier. When lives seem separated…love joins them together.

And that’s exactly what we celebrated on the most gorgeous Autumn day along the St. Lawrence River.

We watched as two people made oceans disappear, brought lives together and joined their families as one.

It was a wedding for the record books…and for the briefest amount of time, the world didn’t feel quite so big!!

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