Confession: meeting clients for the first time was one of the hardest parts of my job to get used to. As a natural introvert, getting to know people in the early stages of any relationship can feel like a daunting task…but making plans to meet up with a couple that you’ve never met before felt really vulnerable and scary.

I once approached a couple, quietly sitting a table together, who I thought matched the description of those I was waiting to meet. I took a deep breath, confidently sauntered up, introduced myself and then I watched as a blank stare came across their face!!

It wasn’t them.

And things got awkward.

I slowly stepped back.

Because let’s be honest, sometimes meeting clients can feel a bit like a blind date; intimidating, uncertain, nerve-wrecking.

But sometimes, meeting clients feels like the best first date ever!

And Stephanie and Cory were definitely that amazing first date!

They were the smiles that met you across the room. They were the conversation that you got lost in for hours. They were the ones you just couldn’t wait to see again.

Basically, they are the reason that I risk walking up to total strangers in public and endure the complete embarrassment of having them be the wrong people!!

I’m not gonna lie…I’m a tad smitten… 😉

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