Every now and then, you enter into something that feels like a complete dream.  It erupts before your eyes and leaves you completely breathless.  You push on the giant wooden door to the outside world…the light and the wind begin to break through…and as you look back over your shoulder, you take one last final glimpse.  Because you know, on the other side of that door, you’re leaving a little bit of surreal beauty behind.

This was Liza and Nick’s wedding…a wedding unlike any other.  A black and white affair that grabbed onto you and wouldn’t let go.  The candlelit romance…the rich, intense colours…wedding vows in the rain.  And when you walked through that giant wooden door at the end of the night…when you said goodbye to the deep atmosphere of the room and the sea of history between all of the people within it…you knew you that part of every day life would forever be spoiled because of it!

Liza and Nick…thank you for inviting us all into your beautiful dream…

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  1. Jennifer Evans says:


  2. Krista Gill says:


  3. Laurie Fowler says:

    Fabulous photos and memories!!

  4. Wendy Livingstone says:

    Beautiful Nick!!

  5. Liza Amyotte says:

    Thank you SO much for capturing our day. The photos are beautiful. I can’t wait to see them all!

  6. Sharon Dagle Webb says:

    Gorgeous! The day was beautiful!

  7. Sandra Amyotte says:

    Beautiful pictures Liza & Nicholas and a absolutely fantastic wedding.

  8. Nancy Lombra says:


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