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“We were all heading for each other on a collision course, no matter what. Maybe some people are just meant to be in the same story.”
~ Jandy Nelson // I’ll Give You The Sun

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Throughout all of history, water has brought us together. We build cities along its coasts so we can be tied to one another.  We use it’s passages to link us in ways that nothing else can.  And we use its direction to carry us home. Water brings people together. And it was along the shores […]


July 30, 2017

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Confession: I haven’t actually touched my wedding dress since the day that I got married!  It’s in a box somewhere in our basement in the exact filthy state it was when I took it off nearly thirteen years ago!  And to think that I was so careful the entire time I was wearing it!! I […]


June 17, 2016

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The sand was nearly pure white.  The waves crashed down as they hit the shore.  The clouds lingered in ominous uncertainty.  The wind blew with fierce determination. This is what happened as Rehana and Diogo stood on a rooftop, overlooking the ocean, and exchanged their vows.  This was the landscape of a love story many […]


June 9, 2016

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I think that we’ve all met one of them.  At some point in time in our life.  Somewhere along the road. We’ve all met one of those people whose presence makes you want to reach…to soar…to grab hold of the very best version of yourself. These people are rare…they are precious…they are collectively what navigates […]


March 9, 2016

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There is something immensely bittersweet about the last days of summer… On one hand, I just love Autumn.  And by love, I mean…I would marry Autumn…and send it tiny little love notes every single day.  I love it that much.  I just adore the entire season and all that comes with it.  After what always […]


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September 17, 2013

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As an only child, time alone was something that was always at my disposal.  I grew up learning how to savor time on my own…I grew up learning how to enjoy being on my own.  I had my own room…my own space…my own routine that was refined from years spent getting to know myself. Once […]


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September 4, 2013