I don’t know that I’ve ever known a person who works as hard as my Mother.

She was a single parent, raising an only daughter…and she worked hard.

She worked hard to give me a home.  She worked hard to provide family.  She worked hard to create stability.  She worked hard to ensure that I understood my possibilities were endless.

She worked hard defending me.  She worked hard supporting me.  She worked hard protecting me.

But my Mother’s greatest gift of all is her ability to make things special.

Whether it was putting a special candy in my lunch on days when I had a big test.  Or sending me the perfect pen for my first book signing.  Or getting me an original letterpress edition of a great book.  Or driving an hour so I could get my favourite milkshake.

My Mom knew how to make things special.  Because, for my Mother, the little things were the big things.  And life was about the little things.  The meaningful things.  The everyday things.

My Mother has never stopped working hard to make things special.  For me.  For her adoring grandchildren.  For anyone lucky enough to be in her life.

And today, it’s her birthday.  It’s her day to feel special.

And I hope that today – of all days – she knows how special she is to us.

We may be all the way across the country.  We may wake her up way too early with excited little voices.  We may force feed her churros and caramel.

But we sure do love her!

Happy Birthday, Mom!!

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