I don’t really remember what it was like.

I don’t entirely remember how it felt to spend my days stacking blocks or watching my kiddos crawl for the first time or stealing naps whenever possible.

I remember being there.  I remember being “in it”.  But I don’t remember realizing what a special time it was during that first year.

Sometimes it can feel like an overwhelming adjustment when you suddenly become parents.  Often times, you are leaving an office environment…you are sleep deprived…you are ambushed by the demands of a new human in your house.  And it’s easy to let the moment of it all pass by.

It’s easy to forget that they change almost on a daily basis.  It’s easy to forget how unique it is to wake up to this miracle that has entered your life.  While you play on the floor.  While you wait for coffee to brew.  While the time passes in a completely different way.

It’s what I love most about lifestyle sessions; documenting a pace that may never be known again.  That rare time when life is literally unfolding before your eyes.  That beautiful space reserved for a family’s most important task; the act of getting to know each other.

And this here…is Baby Isla’s time…

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