I think a lot of the time, we just forget.

We forget that a wedding isn’t just two people starting out a new life together.  It isn’t just different families suddenly intertwining as one.  It isn’t just a day to mark the future that lies ahead.

A wedding isn’t just the beginning of a story…it’s a chapter within a much bigger story.

It’s a chapter that celebrates all the moments that brought you to that point.  It’s the part of the book that bridges who you were and who you are about to be.  It’s the set of beautiful pages that says “we made it”…through the glory…through the struggles…through the unexpected scars along the way.


It’s that remarkable moment in any true tale where we breathe…we rest…we look around and see what we are a part of.

A story led to this place…and a story will carry on from this place.

But for one day, we let the book lay flat and enjoy how far we’ve come.

And as Tanya and Alex stood before their family and friends to commit their lives to one another…they became the thread.  The thread that binds it all together and holds all the words in place.

Together, they became the greatest of loves stories…

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