My kids and I have a favourite place we go to every summer; a beach along the Ottawa River.  For ten weeks out of the year, the back of our car is full of beach toys, piles of sand and the smell of damp bathing suits.  We usually head out in the mornings – sometime after breakfast – and head home when the sun gets too hot and our bodies get too tired.

Seldom a day goes by when my water babies aren’t playing in the River.

On the day of Kelsey and Brandon’s wedding though, our beach was gone.  Completely submerged underwater, along with a kilometre and a half of paved road that led to the beach.  Due to an abundance of rain and melting snow, our beautiful city was enduring some of the worst flooding in decades.

Highways were shut down.  Homes were lost.  Military was called in.

And weddings happened!

The thing about marriage is that it’s full of the unexpected.  It’s full of things we can’t plan for. It’s full of things that catch us off guard.  But we carry on.  We hold hands and make alternate arrangements and remember that the journey is about witnessing life together.

Kelsey and Brandon learned all of that on their wedding day.

But more importantly, they learned how to dance anyways.

Because sometimes, beaches disappear.  And sometimes, the scariest of things happen.

And sometimes…we hold on tight and just keep dancing.

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  1. Photo Booth

    June 4th, 2017 at 9:33 am

    Absolutely lovely, intimate shots!


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