I’ve been thinking about strength a lot lately.  About what it takes to get through the various ups and downs of life.

Some of us walk bumpier roads than others.  Some of us experience rougher terrain than others.  Some of us have higher mountains to climb than others.

But we all move forward.

And the thing about strength is that we often see it in more obvious ways.  We see it in determined triumph and we see it in notable victory.  We see it in power and we see it in stature.  We see it in the fiercest battles and we see it in sculpted warriors.

But that isn’t the only kind of strength.

Strength is also in the quiet whispers and in the gentle endurance.  It’s in the heads held high and  in the deep calm breaths.  It’s in the persistence and in the patience.

Strength is found sometimes in the most subtle and beautiful of places.

And I’ve been incredibly inspired by it.

By my friends.  By their stories.  By their ability to stand tall in the face of life’s unexpected turbulence.

Strength, I’ve learned…looks a lot like this…

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