Every time I walk through the front door, it’s always the same things…

It’s the cozy slippers walking along original hardwood floors. It’s the way the light flows in down the stairwell from the window at the end of their hall. It’s the way I never manage to get the door open on the first try because the cast iron lock always sticks unless you turn it just the right way. It’s the photos on the wall, the smiles awaiting you inside and the wagging tail that can’t wait for a scratch behind the ear.

It’s Mike and Lisa’s house and one of my most favourite places to visit.

I’ve been walking through their front door for many years now. The first time, as Lisa was getting ready for her wedding day – her dress hanging beautifully in the corner of her bedroom as she anxiously prepared to say ‘I do’.

Years later, after they became new parents and we slowly began to watch their little boy take on features all his own.

There has been dinners out and coffee dates and cheering from the sidelines as I’ve run past their neighbourhood during our annual race weekend.

I just love their house so much because of the people who live in it.

My latest visit to their place was perhaps my most favourite yet…

It was to meet their beautiful new daughter. A daughter that not only joins the family I love so much in that house…but a daughter who refused to be born anywhere other than in that house.

She is determined and she is strong.

She is calm and she is brave.

She is loved and she is adored.

She is gentle and she is patient.

And she is – most certainly – born to be in that house!

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