She used to sneak up next to my table without me even noticing at first.

I’d be sitting at one of the bistro tables in Starbucks – earphones in – endlessly plucking away at my book and then I’d see the most adorable smiling face…checking in to see how it was all going!  I met Kelsey because she makes one of the best mochas on the planet and she radiates so much joy that it’s contagious.  Even when a bus load of teenagers show up ten minutes before closing, all ordering venti frappucinos…she’s there, spreading happiness like it’s confetti!

People like this matter in your life because not all days are easy.  Not all goals seem achievable.  Not all words come naturally.  So you need the ones who can tell you to keep going…to keep trying…to keep striving.  And I can’t even begin to tell you how many chapters of my book – and my journey – Kelsey has been present for…cheering from the sidelines.

So, it’s especially exciting to be present for one of her big chapters.  To stand alongside as she writes new stories with her life and to watch them unfold one page at a time.

Brandon is that story.  He is the view at the top of the hill.  And in a few short weeks…he will also be her husband!

I’m confident that the world will shine a bit brighter on the day these two get married.  But first…a little look at our lovebirds during their last season before saying ‘I do’!

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