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“We were all heading for each other on a collision course, no matter what. Maybe some people are just meant to be in the same story.”
~ Jandy Nelson // I’ll Give You The Sun

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I remember putting my son to bed one night when I suddenly noticed how big he had gotten.  I remember when he was just a baby and he used to comfortably fit – spread eagle – across a pillow on my lap.  All of the sudden, when I sat with him in his chair at […]


January 29, 2018

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I once knew a guy that didn’t have any mirrors in his house. Not a single one. We met back in my early twenties through a group of mutual friends. We had matching souls at the time; both struggling. Both cracked. Both trying desperately to close our hearts off from the world. We spent a […]


January 16, 2018

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I don’t really remember what it was like. I don’t entirely remember how it felt to spend my days stacking blocks or watching my kiddos crawl for the first time or stealing naps whenever possible. I remember being there.  I remember being “in it”.  But I don’t remember realizing what a special time it was […]


December 5, 2017

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I don’t know that I’ve ever known a person who works as hard as my Mother. She was a single parent, raising an only daughter…and she worked hard. She worked hard to give me a home.  She worked hard to provide family.  She worked hard to create stability.  She worked hard to ensure that I […]


December 3, 2017

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I’ve been thinking about strength a lot lately.  About what it takes to get through the various ups and downs of life. Some of us walk bumpier roads than others.  Some of us experience rougher terrain than others.  Some of us have higher mountains to climb than others. But we all move forward. And the […]


November 19, 2017

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There was a bench that I used to sit on, all by myself.  It was tucked away at the bottom of a little hill and perfectly overlooked the water. I had one hour to enjoy this bench every day.  One hour over lunch, when I could escape the confines of the office building that was […]


November 10, 2017